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Our plow drivers start their routes after one inch (1") of snow has fallen. Each driver has a route that he or she has been assigned for the duration of the season (you will have the same plow driver all season long and he or she will be familiar with your property and its characteristics). Under normal conditions, as in 1-4" of snowfall, we plow at the end of the storm, finishing about 6 hours after the snow has ended. Under more severe conditions, as in 8" snowfalls, it will take longer for your driver to get to you. We may or may not service your property twice. For snowfalls that are 10" or more, we will service your property at least twice. If you need service by a specific time, we have programs to suit your needs. Please call us.

What you can expect from our snow clearing service...

Season rates are for snowfalls of 1" or more and covers the first 10 - 15 snowfalls, depending on the option you choose.

Season rates

We Offer 24/7 Snow Clearing Services: plowing, shoveling, snow blowing and salting at 1" and up.  Full service / zero tolerance (for under 1") is also available for residential and commercial customers.


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When salting is included in your contract, we will salt after each plowing (snowfalls 1" and above). We can also provide you with options for under 1" services and icing events. The Plowing and Salting Contracts do not include service for blowing/drifting and/or refreezing but can be requested. The seasonal rate includes salt and / or sidewalk melter application when we provide 1" and above services, if those items are quoted. If you would like salting or sidewalk melters at less than 1" of snowfall, this is quoted by the season in our full service program or by occurrence.

Special services

Please call the office if you want special services (ex. timing, placement of the snow, etc...)

We cannot push snow across the street (city right-of-ways). It must be placed on your property. If there is a specific location you would like us to push snow, let us know. We are happy to accommodate when we can.

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We deliver salt and/or melters for our residential & commercial customers

We have high quality products that we use for those that need a little "extra" care.